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Their mission is to protect human women no matter the cost... not fall in love with them.

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Rescued by the Alien Enforcer
*Book One*

Every skin trader in the galaxy is after me but the gold-skinned, winged beast poses the biggest threat.

I’ve been abducted from Earth and forced to dance at a burlesque on an alien prison planet. Human captives have become a hot commodity now that Earth is a breath away from extinction. Suddenly, every black market skin trader and inmate with empty pockets is after me.

The new bodyguard I’m assigned to keep me safe is huge, with golden skin and the biggest wings I’ve ever seen. He's an alien beast and he’s up to something. He’s got a killer smile and dangerous eyes. And a secret.

If I’m not careful, my alien bodyguard may become much more. If I survive.

I’m undercover with the mission to rescue the small human from the prison planet and bring her to safety at the Dome of Enlaan. As a lead enforcer for Cosmic S.W.A.T., it’s my mission to protect human life at all costs.


I don’t believe in fated mates, but I do believe in this human female's ability to distract me from my mission. If I don’t rescue her soon, everything I’ve sacrificed for will be lost. Including the one thing no one knows I’m up to.

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Alien Enforcer's Target
*Book Two*


That crazy television show Naked and Afraid? It's a cakewalk compared to the sick game my alien abductors have planned for me--one that humans apparently never survive.

I spent so much time hiking after my mom and sister disappeared from Earth that I became a wilderness survival expert. I know how to keep myself alive in any situation… except on this hostile planet, everything, even the water, is trying to eat me.

My captors gave me a coach to help me prepare. He’s huge, scary, and sexy as hell. Turns out he’s an undercover alien cop with a mission. One that includes his crazy idea that I’m the key to solving a crime…that involves my missing family.


My human target doesn’t know what’s coming for her, but I do.

Human females are precious. The one I’m undercover to protect is worth more than the riches of all the wealthy who come to watch the game she needs to survive.

She could be the missing piece that allows me back into the prison planet I need to destroy. And if her touch means what I think it does… she could just be my fated mate. I’m ready to fight anything that gets in between us. Even one of my own.

Let the games begin.

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Detained by the Alien Enforcer
*Book Three*


I’ve stayed hidden for years on this unstable alien planet. Humans are being abducted left and right, forced into breeding, and kept in cages like pets. I didn’t survive a career as a paramedic in violent downtown Chicago to be stuffed into a cage, thanks. I’ve already been abducted once, and I’ll die before it happens again.


I have to keep my secret safe… and I was doing fine until the alien cop detained me. Tempted me.

And discovered who I truly am and what I’m up to.



My job is to collect humans and deposit them into safety at the human colony on Enlaan. I’m recovering from unfathomable trauma and working as a S.W.A.T Enforcer. Nothing deters me from a mission.

I've renounced my name. Locked my emotions deep inside. The human makes me want to feel something besides rage. And when I realize what she's done... I know I can never have what I think I want.

She fights me at every turn. So, I must take drastic measures. I have no choice. I need her to save the Orin Empire, and possibly my soul.

No matter if she's willing or not.


Alien Enforcer's Criminal Bride
*Book Four*


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