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The grizzly shifters of the Estes Park Clan will do anything for the women they didn't know they needed...


Bear in a Bakery
*Book One*

One sexy carpenter bear shifter. One sassy human with a sweet, sweet cinnamon roll.

Allie Rowe is in a bind after drunk raccoons do a number on her business, Sticky Sweet Bakery. With a major event coming up, she can't afford to be out of commission... but she can't afford to fix things, either. Her meddling father thinks he'll play matchmaker when he hires sexy carpenter and bear shifter Dax Mitchell to lend a hand.

Dax won’t take no for an answer, making her wonder if he’s helping from the kindness of his heart, or if he'll require some sort of repayment...

Dax is under pressure to take a mate before the fates rob him of his strength. His dying father's wish is to see his son mated. A staunch bachelor, Dax is inclined to change his mind when sexy, curvy Allie offers him a taste of her sweet roll.

When an unexpected enemy makes himself known, and time winds down on his chance to take a mate, Dax must decide how far he’ll go to claim his fated mate.


Sweeter Than Honey
*Book Two*

She’s on the run. He’s her reluctant protector. Will there be a second chance for the alpha bear shifter mountain man? Or will he lose it all… again?


Cara Neal is on the run, forced to leave her thriving jewelry business behind for the wild Colorado mountains.


She has no choice but to accept help from the alpha mountain man grizzly shifter who offers protection, free of charge. He’s sexy. Tormented. Maybe a little gruff. But any man who sings to his hives of honeybees can’t be that intimidating, right?


Jett Mitchell had a family once. They’re gone, and so is his tolerance for anyone outside his mountain. He’s content living alone on his organic farm, raising honeybees.


When the sexy little human shows up with her surprise baby bump, his protective instincts go into overdrive. He should turn her away. . Bear shifters don’t get a second chance fated mate. He can’t keep her…


But he’ll be her bear shifter protector until it’s time to let her go.


Bear in a Bookstore
Book Three

A treasure hunt gone wrong. A grizzly shifter who will stop at nothing to claim his mate

Grizzly shifter Desi Mitchell is ready to settle down and start a family. As a former security expert for the United States military, he's starting his own security firm just in time as frenzied treasure hunters from the Famous Race take over the town and bring a rash of weird happenings.


He’s watching out for the residents, including sexy new bookstore owner, Kora Meredith. His bear wants to claim her as his fated mate. She wants him to secure her home tighter than Fort Knox and get lost.

Kora is converting the hundred-year-old brothel into a bookstore to help forget her past. Staying busy helps soothe her chaotic mind—a mind that won’t let her have a relationship, or grand adventures, or go to the store somedays. She tries to deter Desi when he insists on helping her. She resists when he swears they are fated mates.

But the clues lead them to a treasure neither of them was expecting. And danger threatens to push Kora over the edge. Can they find what they’re looking for before it’s too late?


Wild in the Woods
*Book Four*

She needs an enticing story to keep her job. He needs a fake girlfriend to get his family off his back.

Fox Mitchell has made a name for himself teaching high-octane survival classes to city slickers looking for adventure when he’s not busy as acting captain of the Estes Park Search and Rescue Squad. He’s happy being a loner, even if everyone around him is getting hitched.

Please. No one is going to domesticate and neuter him, thanks. Especially not the irritating woman who tries to rope him into an interview for some magazine he’s never heard of.

Lulu Orlando has a lot to prove to her boss. As the only female reporter on staff for a prestigious men’s magazine, she uses a contact in Estes Park to find Fox Mitchell, the sought-after survival expert no one has been able to coax into an interview. Her ex is after her job, and if she doesn’t land this gig, she’s screwed.

She has no choice but to agree when Fox proposes a deal: be his fake girlfriend for a weekend and successfully complete his most challenging survival course, and she can have the interview.

Ditching her designer heels for hiking boots, she doesn’t realize she’s trekking head-first into danger, and strength she didn't know she had. Fox gets more than he bargains for but everything his inner grizzly bear craves, as he’s forced to let go of what he thought he wanted…


Bear in a Boutique
*Book Five*

Firefighter grizzly shifter Ryker Mitchell is restless.

He wants to leave Estes Park for bigger opportunities, more excitement, and zero bad memories. His past taints his childhood home and he’s ready to stop fighting old demons.

But it’s getting harder to ignore his feelings for the woman he helped rescue from a kidnapping. Olive Kent won’t get out of his head, and if he can’t ditch his attraction to her, he might never leave.

Olive loves Estes Park and the boutique she manages. After years of uncertainty, she finally has a permanent place to call home. Things are great, except for daily harassing text messages, and her ridiculous crush on Ryker Mitchell.

He’s a pro at ignoring her until a pancake-eating contest and one little bet brings them together. When the city is plagued with arson, and a threat from Olive’s past appears, Ryker has to choose to stay and protect the ones he loves or walk away from his past.

He’s comfortable with the decision he makes… until Olive goes into heat…

This is the 5th and final book in the Estes Park Shifters series. It features a stubborn bear shifter hero and resilient heroine who can't keep their hands off each other. Low angst, lots of chuckles, and an HEA are guarenteed!

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