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Tryllin & Alora

Alora Church, scientist extraordinaire, is used to being valued for her mind, not her womb.


She barely leaves her lab long enough to see the effects of the aliens that have invaded Earth. When her best friend is Summoned to become an Axxeon breeder, Alora is prepared to help her run. Until two huge Axxeon warriors show and take Alora captive instead. She thinks there’s nothing worse than being taken as an alien incubator... but she’s wrong. Very wrong. 


Tryllin, King of the Axxeon made a pact with Earth’s leaders to save them from genocide in exchange for select females. They have a common enemy, one that has infiltrated Earth and Tryllin is prepared to destroy. But he needs the scientist’s help, willing or not. 


Now it’s time for her to make a sacrifice… until he suspects she’s also his fated mate. Can he make his captive a willing bride, or will destiny leave his arms empty and his soul shattered?



Quixx & Priya

She must teach him to behave. He treats her like a pet. 


Quixx of Axxeon is loyal to his King. But he’d rather be assigned a mission inside a black hole than follow the order to take a human wife. He’s rough around the edges and doesn’t care what humans think of him. His only focus is to make right on a terrible tragedy. But his King has other plans…


Quixx must fetch his betrothed, after receiving some personal lessons in manners. Those lessons are to come from the most stubborn, infuriating-- and enticing-- woman that he knows. 


Priya Kotbf knows first hand how impossible Quixx can be. He’s gruff, rude, hopeless, dismissive… and sexy as hell. The Axxeon King wants her to groom his third in command to take a wife. But more hangs in the balance than they thought… If she can’t make him behave, they could lose it all.


It should be a simple task, until chaos erupts with the help of an old enemy and Quixx proves how impossible he can be. Priya makes a shocking discovery that changes everything… and makes it unthinkable to see Quixx in another woman’s arms.


Hahn & Sasha

She’s a midwife to monsters. 


Human midwife Sasha Black was abducted from Earth and sent to an alien breeding farm to deliver hybrid babies. Suddenly, the monsters who put her on the desolate planet abandon them, and if she doesn’t get help soon, they’ll all die.


They’ve run out of food and water, and her expectant mothers are delivering something unexpected. Something else.


Hahn, Prince of Axxeon 9, receives a covert message from his father, the exiled King. He’s in trouble, and time is running out. Hahn must reach him soon, but a frantic transmission from a ghost planet forces him to jump far off course.


He’s sworn to protect his father and keep their secret pact, but duty is challenged by the human female who needs him, and tempts him with her curvy body to forget his true purpose. 


When his heart overrides loyalty, Hahn must make an impossible choice. Will he sacrifice everything for his fated mate, or do the unthinkable?

Tarex & Blume

Since crash landing with his crew and being sold to a master on the ghost planet, Hanasha-Yupa, one thought keeps Tarex fighting: freedom. He’s been forced to do things that haunt him. He needs to escape now, before his captors change his brain and make him one of them. Forever.

He’s close to busting out when they throw the human female at his feet and demand that he do one more horrible thing.

Blume Montgomery didn’t excel in advanced combat training in the U.S. Army for nothing. After months of bouncing around in the cargo hold of a scavenger’s ship, she’s ready to kick some alien ass.

She’s dropped at the feet of an Axxeon who looks one step away from tearing anything he can reach limb from limb.

She sees the warrior in his eyes, the man he was before this place. Can she tap into it before it’s too late? Or will one of them come completely unleashed before they realize what fate has brought them together to do?

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Book no.2
Book no.3
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