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It takes more than a shock collar to stop
these hybrids from protecting their mates

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Shift After Dark
*Book One*

He's not just a grizzly shifter. He's got more bite than that.

Bear shifter Gavin Perry sent his people to safety from the blood hunters, but danger threatens him at every curve. He dwells in the deep woods biding his time until he can find the man responsible for the disappearance of his King. But the corrupted hunters keep coming, delaying his mission and forcing Gavin to unleash his shifter-vampire hybrid bite.

He trusts no one.

He needs no one.

So when an old friend shows up, begging for his help, Gavin has his suspicions. The bear and the vampire inside him awaken with her scent. The man inside him demands he send her away.

But, he’ll test her intentions and get the truth from her one way or another

Isla Lindsburg is a fugitive with a secret. She didn’t come to Gavin for friendship—or anything else. She came here to die. His wild touch unleashes a secret. It could be the key to saving everything Gavin’s worked to protect.

But will their fated bond be enough to save her?

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Shift and Seduce
*Book Two*

Aila Benetti’s boring life is about to take on more bite.

She’s on the run after witnessing the Rippets commit a brutal murder. Now the bloodthirsty vampires won’t stop until they track her down.

She needs protection. And a place to hide.

Lying her way into a bartending job at the Shock Collar bar on the shifter reserve seems like a good solution until she finds herself trapped between Kane, Cross, and Rule, grizzly shifter brothers who suspect she’s up to no good.

Kane hasn’t worked this hard to protect his clan from outsiders for one small human female to cause trouble. She’s lying about something. If only he could keep his attraction at bay, but she’s irresistible. His brothers think so, too. Just as they begin to tease the truth out of her, something strange happens to her body.

She’s definitely not who she says she is. And the truth means Kane must face his King and settle an old score.

If they survive.


Shift in Flames
*Book Three*

Coming Soon in 2025

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