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Join me on a wild ride through Shattered Galaxies! Eight amazing authors, each with a story that will transport you to an entirely new world.

Just imagine... One minute you're browsing Insta on your phone, and the next, a portal opens up from your screen and sucks you straight into your shiny new iPhone, only to spit you out into an alien world!

Books in this series include:

Nancey Cummings, Book 1-Splintered Shadows
Ava Ross, Book 2- Ravaged World
Jade Waltz, Book 3- Scattered Petals
Samantha Rose, Book 4- Fractured Waves
Poppy Rhys, Book 5- Crushed Dominion
Harpie Alexa, Book 6-Broken Song
Liz Paffel, Book 7-Destroyed Desire
Erin Raegan Book 8-Jagged Honor

Destroyed Desire

I am Assassin Krunch. Well, just for Cosplay Con, anyway. She’s my hero, all kick butt and don’t-mess-with-me. Putting on my AK costume transforms me from a lonely pharmacy technician with no life into my biggest desire as a warrior goddess who isn’t afraid to fight back.

It’s all fun and fantasy until a glitch at the Con causes a portal to suck me into my cellphone and spit me onto a different planet... in the middle of a very strange alien wedding. Seems they don't have cosplay here because they think my outfit identifies me as a REAL assassin come to kill their High Priest, who is also the groom.



The Priest of Tala Furi thinks my arrival on his planet is some sort of sign that he shouldn't get hitched. I think he’s got a screw loose. He’s got magic hair, and his body lights up like a holiday tree when we touch. Fine, so he’s hot. But that doesn’t mean I’ve arrived with a prophecy. Or that I'm his fated mate. Or that I can save his species. I mean, I’m just a nobody from Fargo.

He vows to make all my secret desires come true, even if it costs him his life. But what I want has changed. And I'm afraid that our desires will be destroyed, and the choice I make will have consequences even Assassin Krunch can’t fix.

Who Are We
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