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Liz Paffel

Bringing your hot alien and sexy alpha shifter fantasies to LIFE!


An otherwordly


Hot Orc Romance

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Grumpy Alien Series

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She needs him to play Santa for the human children's holiday party. He wants her to sit on his lap so he can give her his secret gift.


COMING Winter 2023

The humans threw her away. He's going to keep her and show her how to handle alien wood.

Coming soon

Mates For Axxeon 9 Series


A nerdy human scientist may be the alien King's only hope for survival.

He's been ordered to take lessons in manners from the most irritating, and irresistible, human female on the planet.

She's abducted and forced to deliver alien babies. He could be her rescuer, or her new captor.

He's the plaything of an insane master. The human female warrior was sent to save him, if he doesn't kill her first.

Shock Collar Series


He's a vampire-bear shifter hybrid. She's the forbidden sister of his best friend. She needs his help. He needs to make her HIS, if the hunters don't get them first.


The human female is lying to him and his pack. They should banish her, but she has power they need. Besides, she's not done picking which brother to make her mate, yet. Maybe, she'll choose them all.


Coming soon!

Cosmic S.W.A.T Series


I was abducted and forced to dance in an alien burlesque. My sexy winged beast of a guard has more in store for me than keeping me safe.


I'm a pawn in a twisted game of survival on a harsh alien planet. My alien trainer is supposed to teach me to stay alive, but he's about to teach me SO much more.


I wear a mask to hide what I am. If anyone knew I was human, I'd be sold in an instant. But the alien berserker is no fool and I can't trust him. That doesn't keep me from wanting so much more.

Estes Park Shifters Series


Drunk raccoons destroyed her bakery. Her Ex won't leave her alone. A meddling neighbor makes life hell. And the sexy bear shifter carpenter wants more than cash to help.

Available in - Edited.png

She's on the run with a priceless secret. He's the gruff mountain bear who becomes her unwilling protector. Until they try and take her. Heaven help anyone who gets between them.

Available in - Edited.png

He wants a mate. She wants to be left alone. When a treasure hunt gone wrong brings them together, they just might find something more precious than gold.

Available in - Edited.png

He needs a fake date. She needs a hot story. A wild romp in the wilderness gives them something they never expected. Including danger.

Available in - Edited.png

He's a restless firefighter looking for more adventure. She's a boutique manager trying to forget her past. When sparks fly, someone has to give in before it all goes up in flames.

Claws in the Snow Blues Final Ebook.jpg

They'd loved each other in secret for years. Now they finally have the chance to explore their love... if the biggest threat of all doesn't ruin everything.

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In The Press

Book Signings & Appearances

November 11, 2023


I'll be signing at the Committed At The Stanley Hotel book signing in Estes Park, CO on 11/11/23. I'll be in town a little early and would love to meet with readers

September 16, 2023


Join me in Peabody, MA, close to Salem, for the Getting Witchy With It book signing. I'll be attending September 16, 2023.

Signings & Appearances


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